I’m All About the Fanny Pack, Baby!

Posted on Oct 7 2015 - 1:15pm by Aubrey

fanny pack

I am now a proud, fanny pack wearing Mom. Yes, I said FANNY PACK! The term, product, item, etc… known as a “fanny pack” has certainly been the butt (no pun intended) of jokes, an 80’s iconic fashion statement and sort of like a NON-desireable accessory, but you know what, I LOVE MINE, and I’ll tell you why…

In my busy life as an on the go Mom, it is inevitable that I am always running, literally. No matter how much extra time I give myself or pre-planning I do, the clock is always ticking when we are headed out or going somewhere, and it is beyond helpful to have my personal essentials within arms reach.

It can also be said that what would be the ultimate help as a parent are extra, arms, hands, shoulders…and eyeballs…BUT since I am only one person, using a fanny pack frees up my hands, arms, entire upper body really, to help shoulder all the items having 2 kids begs you to tote around.

I’ve gone from throwing my wallet into the diaper bag, graduated to tossing the same wallet into a child backpack – that I inevitably end up carrying, to sometimes using my big tote bag, but end up filling that with all kinds of kids items and it is HEAVY! And when you think about having your personal purse/bag, a child backpack and perhaps carrying the child on your person at one time, it can truly weigh you down. Not to mention maybe also finding a free limb, finger or whatever to hang onto another child, jacket or sippy cup! SIGH if you feel me! 🙂


So now that I’ve started wearing a fanny pack. Also known as a belt bag or waist pack for “fanny pack” rejecters…I truly see and feel a difference. I can put some cash, cards, keys, phone and even some snacks in my pack. It doesn’t weigh down my shoulders. Once I have it attached to my body I don’t even have to remove it when I buckle up in the car, it stays on me. Easy access when running errands, no twisting turning or contortionist moves, while rummaging through a shoulder bag to find what you need. And, since I keep it on, I don’t have to worry about leaving it behind or forgetting it somewhere.

The one I have now is pretty casual, but I am seriously thinking about stepping up my fanny pack fashion game and getting a more “designer” style bag too. I mean, even VOGUE is talking about how the belted accessory was sighted on Paris runways recently! SO maybe I’m onto something and just doing my part to re-ignite this former faux pas trend. Now don’t get me wrong, I still am using my shoulders and body to carry bags and babies, but I’m all about that fanny pack, baby!