Packing Lunches for Kids

Posted on Aug 4 2014 - 1:02pm by Aubrey


It’s August and summer is winding down. Parents are thinking about sending the kids back to school and planning for the year ahead. Well, sure in that preparation the subject, idea and chore of what to feed, pack and give to the kids food-wise is in that equation. And, with kids they can be picky eaters, so trying to be creative, yet healthy can be a bit of a challenge. My boys aren’t quite school age yet, but packing snacks and a lunch are a must every time we head out the door.

I remember being a lunchbox toting child, and besides having to have the “right” lunchbox, I’m sure my parents struggled with how to get me to eat the right stuff for lunch. I wasn’t a cafeteria kid, so I always brought lunch with me to school. I do distinctly recall sifting through my lunch every day, picking out the treats, string cheese and juice…rather than eating the sandwich and healthier options my Mom would put in there for me.

Sure it’s easy to fall back on prepackaged foods and fun character-themed snacks, but if you can, there are some easy ways to try and make lunches look more appealing using nutritious ingredients! And yes,I know it can seem like  a chore to have to plan and do the extra little things, just to get them to eat… BUT with a little planning and persistence, it’s doable!

Some of the tips I’ve read and seen include using a cookie cutter to turn sandwiches into fun shapes…I mean they’re going to ask you to cut the crust off anyway! Purchase baggies in fun colors and stuff them with fresh veggies like celery and carrot sticks. Use small plastic containers to pack some fresh cut fruit. If sandwich bread isn’t getting much play, try tortillas or pita bread as an alternative.

At my day job as a TV Host I got to interview Kelly Lester, the Mom behind Press play in the clip below and see what advice and ideas she offers when it comes to packing lunch for the kiddos! Happy packing!