Gift Guide: What a Mom Wants AND Needs

Posted on May 2 2014 - 11:55am by Aubrey

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Mother’s Day is coming up quick, I can barely believe we’re already in May! Mother’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate and recognize Mom’s…and while that show of appreciation is definitely deserved year round, having a specific day to make a big deal about moms is alright with me. Well, since us females may not be the easiest breed to shop for, I thought I’d compile a list of favorite “Mommy” gifts, after asking my circle of friends. I will say that some of the best gifts for a Mom are items/services that force the Mom to “pamper” herself. So, if you give a gift card, make sure it’s for something she has to use on herself, not end up buying something for the kids. Thoughtful, personalized gifts are also very nice. I know as a Mom, I try to do this for loved ones and sometimes it’s nice to be the recipient of those type of unique presents too! For more gift ideas for women, visit That Sweet Gift.

Here are the results of my informal “survey”…


Massage/Spa Day – This can be given with a gift certificate or by actually setting an appointment and “ordering” the gift-ed Mom to GO! This is a gift that supports Mom taking care of herself!!! I’ve been lucky enough on more than one occasion to be spoiled with massage and spa services, where the appointments had been set and fess taken care of and I was simply told, no ifs ands or but’s …just show up! I also have a membership at Massage Envy, I think this would be a great gift, as it’ll keep giving, with an included rub down month after month!


Nameplate/Initial Necklaces – A very popular item that a Mom can wear, these pieces of jewelry have the child’s name or initials, etc… Again the personalization is what makes this type of gift extra special and being able to wear a symbol of her most precious possession(s)  around her neck is a beautiful thing.

Maid/Cleaning Service – I think this is pretty self explanatory, give Mom a break from the cleaning chores, it’s a win-win for everyone in the house.

Food/Meal Service – We all need to eat and having meals delivered and ready to go is a beautiful thing, believe me, when dinner/food is taken care of, it takes a big load off my back.


Photo/Recipe Book – This is a creative gift that you can’t exactly do last minute. One idea is to compile Mom’s favorite photos, or maybe gather photo memories of her with the kids and have it printed in a nice book (I always use Shutterfly), that she can view over and over again, and keep for a lifetime! One of my girl friend’s shared the super cute idea of printing a recipe book with all of Mom’s favorite recipes and pictures added…that way she has them all in one place, no more searching for scraps of papers! I think that is such a cute idea.

No matter what gift you get for a Mom, it is the thought that counts! And, if most Moms are anything like me, it’s the little things that can give way for the biggest smiles. The most precious gift is family, that is priceless! 😉