Barre Workout “Works” for Moms

Posted on Mar 28 2014 - 12:10pm by Aubrey

This post was written for 53 Weeks by Erin S.


Let’s be honest, once you have a little one calling you “Mommy,” chances are your workout routine may have some gaps. But before you throw in the towel on getting your pre-baby body back…you gotta check out a barre class!

There is some major buzz these days about “Barre Workouts.” It is the hottest workout on the market—Why? Because it works!!! In a nutshell, a barre workout is a combination of low impact, isometric conditioning, yoga and Pilates. Every “barre” class/company has their own signature spin on this effective workout, but the overall feeling and results are a long, lean “dancer-like” physique. Regardless of age, your fitness background, if you are pregnant, or just had a baby, have knee injuries or only put on yoga pants to go to the grocery store…a barre class will help you lose weight, build strength and transform your figure. No dance or fitness experience is necessary to take a class, as the energy from the instructor and the music will motivate you to get fit while having fun, all in one hour…and the results you see will keep you coming back for more!

I was introduced to barre in 2010 before I became pregnant with my daughter. I had been a fitness instructor since 1998, so I was in relatively good shape. However, once I began to introduce barre to my routine, I lost inches in my waistline, my arms became leaner and more toned and I was even getting remarks from friends saying, “Are you doing something new?” The following year I found out I was pregnant (Yay!) and was also thrilled to learn I could also keep up my barre work. I swear that having this workout in my life was something that kept me healthy during my pregnancy both mentally and physically but also kept me lean and limber to prepare for childbirth.

While pregnant, there are a few modifications such as no deep twists, no lying on your stomach or flat back…and of course you always want to get your doctors approval before starting any workout while pregnant. I also found that I needed to take a few more “rests” and drink plenty of water. But during class, I felt strong and I felt beautiful…and even graceful with the belly.

I have a lot of mama’s in my classes that come just for their “me” time. We don’t have much time for ourselves, so when we get to our workout, we need it to be effective, motivating and fun. A barre class is your answer. When it all comes down to it, we just want to look and feel graceful, strong, toned and even a bit sexy. It is the awesome combination that you need for overall body conditioning mixed with amazing core moves and exercises to increase your flexibility. You step out of class feeling lengthened, strong and centered and ready to tackle your Mommy Duties!

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