Haute Mom: Melanie Snare

Posted on Dec 11 2013 - 11:46am by Aubrey

Children & Ages: MARIAH (5) & MAKENZIE (3)
Hometown: Waynesville, NC
Current Location: Atlanta, GA (since 2001)
Quick Bio: I guess the phrase I hear most often is “I don’t know how you do it all” which was what inspired my blog – www.howshedoesitall.com. And honestly, I don’t know all the answers either. But, I take great pride in being a career-driven woman with goals and dreams, all while teaching my daughters by example to form and chase their own dreams. They are my world and being their Mommy is my proudest accomplishment. I have been very blessed to lead a successful career in sports marketing working with the NFL, NBA and more plus an exciting career in television as a TV Host, but at the end of the day, it’s my girls that my world revolves around. For more info about my on-camera career including my appearances as a Parenting Expert on HLN, please visit www.melaniesnare.com. And I would love to connect with you through social media. Follow me on Twitter @MelanieSnare and Like me on Facebook at fb.com/melaniesnare. And be sure to check out my blog – I love sharing ideas with other Moms out there and am honored to be featured as a Haute Mom!

Q: How do you balance being a Mommy and keeping your sense of self?
A: I force myself to have “me” time – whether that is working out, going to dinner every once in a while with my girlfriends or getting a pedicure. I make sure that I do not lose my personal identity because I want to raise my daughters to be strong, independent women and I believe showing them that while I am an awesome Mommy is important, I feel that showing them that I take time for me is very important too!

Q: What is your favorite piece of advice to new Moms?
A: My favorite advice is that it’s ok to not have a clue what you are doing and to ask for help! That’s what your Mommy friends are there for – we have all been there feeling hopeless, scared and utterly exhausted! But we all survive and our kids do too! So lean on each other for advice day in and day out and know that it gets easier and easier (for the most part) with each passing month (until the teenage years which scare me absolutely to death)!!!

Q: How would you describe your parenting style?
A: I would say I am kind of middle of the road to strict. I am definitely not a slave driver and occasionally I can be a pushover. ha ha. But for the most part, I have very high standards and expectations for my children. And while we have a lot of fun and do very age appropriate activities, I also talk to them as I would an adult. I expect them to have excellent manners and be very well behaved. But all in all – I think I am a cool parent. So far, the girls aren’t embarrassed by me at least…

Q: Share your best or favorite place for a family vacation and tell us why.
A: It’s funny you should ask because I actually have a section of my blog dedicated to travel which is one of my all-time favorite things to do. I totally want to see the world. And honestly, my girls are so young still – we haven’t done a ton of family travel but I have done a lot of research on places we want to go!  I would love for you to check out my blog, How She Does It All, at the following link for my posts about an England Fairy Tale vacation, an African Safari or even just traveling to the local art museum… there’s an adventure waiting to happen around every corner… http://www.howshedoesitall.com/blog/category/travel/

Thanks again and to all of you Moms out there doing it all or even just doing a little, you inspire me every single day!