Everyday Mommy Face

Posted on Nov 12 2013 - 1:43pm by Aubrey

One of the biggest challenges of being a Mom is taking care of yourself. When we were single and unattached to these little ones, we had all the time we needed on a daily basis to primp and go, but might simply run late due to poor time management and indecision about the right color of lipstick for the day! Well, when the early morning wake-ups calls strike via crying or the cute, happy coo’s full with another day of energy, it can be easy to toss our “beauty regimen” to the wayside. I’m definitely guilty of this..I actually feel pretty accomplished when I can have everyone (including myself) fed, dressed and ready to head out the door for errands or walk by 9am! And while most days I am just fine with my pony tail and plain face, there’s always a part of me longing for the “real” me. I’m not talking about getting all dolled up and photo shoot ready, but I come from the school of thought where I want to look and feel good for myself. So while “natural beauty” is fine and dandy, my hair always seems a little less mane-ish and my face not so plain and colorless when I can do a little something! If you’ve ever met me in person you’d know I have been blessed with a gorgeous, full head of hair that these days is often mistaken for a weave! haha! Now while I am lucky to have the kind of hair people pay for…it’s a lot to deal with, on most days it ends up in the Mommy ponytail, unless it’s a special day. But this post isn’t about hair, it’s about face!


Here are my everyday go-to’s, to make me a feel a little more presentable and “like me.”

Tinted Moisturizer – find one that works well with your skin tone. I use MAC studio moisture tint, and I love it because not only does it even out my skin tone, it also has SPF and moisturizes!
Eyebrows – I may not be able to tweeze & pluck or get these babies waxed on the regular, but when you fill them in to “frame” your face, it works wonders.
Bronzer – I love giving my face some much-needed color with a touch of bronzer…I add some along my cheekbones and dab a little along either side of my chin, a touch on the nose and forehead, and I am good to go! My sister gave me a Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc that I love, and I also use MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Powder.
Lashes – Lashes have come a long way, you can get them permed, add extensions and always wake up with beautiful eyes…but if you can’t or haven’t indulged in either of those, grab your eyelash curler & put on a coat of mascara.

The great thing about my beauty basics routine, is that aside from the brows, it doesn’t take too much precision to get it on and really you can do this in a matter of minutes. I may not get to it everyday, but on the days when I do…it feels good!