Too Young to Disney?

Posted on Nov 6 2013 - 2:46am by Aubrey

I recently started contemplating on when is the right time to take my boys to Disney. Well since Isaiah is still an infant, I wasn’t necessarily thinking if it was right for him, but I decided to wonder aloud on my Facebook page to see what my circle had to say about it! Raef is officially a toddler now at 16 months, and I am so anxious for him to experience all the fun perks of being a kid and I definitely look forward to all the great places I can take him…Disney being one of them! Plus, of course I’d like to take advantage of the “free” admission while he’s underage! 😉

At any rate, a great conversation ensued with parents weighing in on with first hand experience and insight on when to “Disney,” and I’m sharing some of the best responses below…

SharminI took my daughter at 4 months old. We took her on almost every ride. We took her several times before she was two. My favorite was at 18 months when she was able to walk on her own and explore. She loved it! I think any age is okay for Disneyland

LarissaMy daughter’s first visit she was 6 months my son about a year old, even though they don’t remember it taking pictures is what counts…. I say you are never too young or too old for Disneyland

MarissaWe took Enzo every year…his first time at 18-months. We founds that the year he was 4 was the best year because he could remember everything and articulate what he wanted to do. But when he was 5 (almost 6) we went again and he could go the entire day (literally 8 am to close) without stopping and wanting to go back to the hotel to nap!

MoniqueGood thing about before 2 is it’s free:-) you can watch the shows, go to the rides like dumbo and toon town:-) its great for memories of pictures

AmyI’ve taken Zoe every year since she was born, wouldn’t change it for the world. The first year watching her just taken in the lights and her little smile was so precious! Do it! We even started a pin collection for her.

Reinawe took miles when he was 28 months old, which was just right for him to articulate what he experienced (well in 2-word sentences). i think younger than 2 would not be worth it, albeit memorable for you as a parent. sorry to be a party pooper… lol.

MichelleIt’s going to be a lot of work for you with no memories for them – go to a small fun park like pixey play land or fairy land in northern cal, I’m sure they have something like those in southern cal. Best ages for us were 3 & 5 and ever since then;) If you’re the one who really wants to go, then by all means go!

AlexDaughter was a few weeks shy of her first bday when we took her and our 6 yo son. She was all smiles on several of the rides and especially loved the bird show in the Tiki room. We were there four days BUT we stayed at the Grand Californian and that makes ALL the difference in the world when doing Disney with a baby.

After reading all the feedback from my friends, I actually decided I will hold off another year until making a trip to Disneyland or Disney World. Although everyone makes a great case for going and I’m sure the photos are a lot of fun, but since I have 2 in tow, it would be a lot of “work” and I figure I can take them to a petting zoo or local park with a few rides, and the smiles would be just as big!